Now there is no need to go without your denture ever again!

We can produce a perfect copy of your full or partial denture. The copy will be stronger than the original and comes with a 5 year guarantee at a very competitive price. See price list for details.

Why have a copy?

Denture wearers can now have a duplicate set for safety at a cost that’s affordable. Imagine your on holiday, especially abroad and you break or lose a denture and you have no other set to wear. Holidays, parties, wherever you are you can now carry a spare set in case of emergencies.

Denture plastics become brittle after many years of use. Our Copy Dentures will be stronger than when your dentures were new.

Existing denture wearers whose dentures have been discoloured, we can copy the existing denture but adjust the shade of teeth lighter or darker and remove blemishes and tarnishing.

Shirley was very unhappy with the shade of her teeth, asking that we make a copy with whiter teeth and a lighter shade of pink gum. No problem, this is the before and after picture of her denture:

copy denture

Remember, we need your denture for just 30 minutes and your new one can be ready the same or next day. Please phone us for an appointment or use our postal service.

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