We understand how embarrassing it is to have stained or discoloured dentures, besides the cosmetic appearance it can also affect your oral health for example: plaque and tartar can build up on the denture trapping bacteria and causing irritation to the gums, tongue and mouth leading to increased risk of serious illness.

We can now clean those difficult to remove stains and plaque and tartar from your dentures by following this process:

Step 1: We ultrasonically clean them with a special denture cleaning solution and a tiny dental probe for the very stubborn tartar.

Step 2: They are polished with a fine grade dental pumice.

This process normally takes one hour when you visit our dental lab or, if you prefer, we also offer a return postal service.

Postal Service While-U-Wait

Ultrasonic clean and re-polish per denture

(Top OR Bottom Denture)

£15.99 £10.00

Ultrasonic clean and re-polish per full set

(Top AND Bottom Denture)

£20.00 £15.00
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