Permanent Denture Naming / Labeling Service

Don’t lose your dentures! Patients who are going into hospital or who have relations in care.

We can insert your name into your denture and cover it with clear plastic so it is there for the life of the denture (it will never rub off) and is easy to read.

“as a temporary technique, patient details may be written on the surface of a processed denture using a ‘permanent’ marker pen. However, surface marking is vulnerable to accidental or deliberate removal. Indeed, to cope with long-term usage of a prosthesis combined with the adverse cleaning habits employed by many denture wearers, the application of a 0.5 mm acrylic resin coverage is recommended over a surface marker.’ British Dental Journal

Marking dentures with your name is important if you are hospitalised or in a nursing / residential home where dentures are often mixed up with other dentures. It is also useful for people suffering with Alzheimer’s / dementia or identifying owners in case of an accident.

Our while-you-wait service cost £12 per denture or £20 per set and takes approximately 30 minutes. We also offer a return Postal Service (see POSTAL SERVICE for costs).

All work is carried out by General Dental Council registered technicians.

Denture Naming

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